A Day Trip to Delos and Mykonos

A day trip was offered on a smaller boat service to Delos and Mykonos and we couldn’t resist. I had wanted to go to Delos when we rented a sailboat two years ago but from where we got the boat it was just a bit too far, so I thought my only opportunity had passed but now I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Delos is an island mostly filled with ruins, a sanctuary of Ancient Greece but now just an interesting place to wander. The boat left fairly early at 9am but, of course, we were early and spend some time wandering the pier. The boat was small-ish but reasonably full. The water was choppy and the boat went into the waves; our son was really impressed with the water spraying up onto the windows. It only took a little over an hour to get there and when we did it was quite the sight! I am not the best at photo-documenting my life so there are no pictures but needless to say we hurried ahead of the group tours to get in first. More boats would dock after us and we were glad to be well ahead of the crowd, although I’m not sure it mattered as the site is huge and the groups just stay in one small area. We walked up toward the theater popping in and out of buildings and rooms as they allowed. There were many mosaics on the floor and we found it similar to Ostea Antica in Italy but old and with lots more columns! There was one two story building that was not off limits that we climbed up in. It was hard to get to but so worth the effort. We also climbed to the top where the sanctuary of Zeus was but nothing really remains. It was so windy we thought it would blow us off! There was also a small partly man-made cave that was well worth exploring. You really have to marvel at how they got all of this here and in place. Even though most of it is gone even that which remains is a marvel.

Afterwards, we headed down toward the main section to the museum, which is closed for “construction”. The second archaeological museum in Greece closed for this; I think they just didn’t want to reopen yet. We walked through the myriad of ruins to find that this section is where the ruin cats live. All Greek ruins seem to have them and they seem to be the friendliest in Greece (cats are everywhere, some more friendly than others). We only had 2 1/2 hours on the island and I think we spent 30 minutes petting cats- notice I said spent, not wasted. 🙂 We saw the famous phalluses and lions before strolling through what was an ostentatious neighborhood, now falling over. We did not make it to the gymnasium and such but chose instead to walk along the water where some ruins are slowing sinking into the sea. Some have had a sand wall made to keep the water from them, the better marble ones anyway, but others are just along the water and it made for an enjoyable time walking among them before our ferry left for the island of Mykonos.

The ferry over only took 25 minutes with the waves now coming across the boat so we went a new direction; again much to our son’s delight. I’m glad he’s good about travel and is adventurous about these aspects anyway because it would be really difficult if he wasn’t. We had semi-strategically avoided Mykonos until now because it is known for being very touristy and ritzy but after getting there it wasn’t really all that different. It doesn’t have as nice beaches as many other islands, which was surprising, but the prices weren’t bad and everything was fairly similar. There was a lot of shopping and the bulk of the shops just sold cheap tourist items from China but we wandered the lovely narrow walks and enjoyed it all the same. We had lunch here but it wasn’t the best and we also stopped in a bakery and for some ice cream when it got hot. My husband opted for an iced coffee and they didn’t seem to know how to make to because we had a bunch of sugar undissolved at the bottom. I don’t know that they really drink coffee this way here. We spent a while walking along the water away from the port also (the port is about 1 km from town) and found an amazingly nice sidewalk (rare for Europe) and enjoyed the water and the docked boats. All in all a nice little stay.

The ferry ride back was smooth and fast- this time we were going with the waves. Back on Naxos, we went to the grocery store to fill in a few items for dinner and watched more of a documentary on Istanbul since we will be there in a month. It’s nice having Netflix and freedom here. Greece does not lock down internet sites the way many other European countries do so we need to get everything booked, planned, and researched before we move on. More for another day…

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